Spray is a contemporary tanning studio that uses revolutionary precision tanning technology to deliver a perfect and consistent tan, unique to you.



Adios tan lines! Our Mystic Kyss Spray Booth precision tanning technology ensures that the tanning mist covers the entire body in the exact amount required. This means a perfect, even tan. Every. Single. Time.


No sun, no time, no problem! Our spray booth tans you up and dries you down in just 4 minutes! And with only 2 positions to remember, tanning has never been this easy.


We don’t guess between hundreds of shades, your skin does the work for us. Our solution reacts directly with the amino acids and melanin in the top layer of your skin, leaving you with a tan that is uniquely yours.

Not Orange

Say goodbye to the dreaded orange! Our products’ anti-orange complex uniquely blends the perfect dose of quality ingredients that play naturally with your skin.


We don’t compromise health for perfection, and neither should you. Avoid harmful UVB and UVA rays that lead to premature aging and skin cancer. Our all-natural ingredients give you that healthy glow without the damage.

Sensitive skin or allergy prone? Expecting or nursing? We take skin-specific issues very seriously. Visit FAQ for our complete list of ingredients and get your doctor’s vote of approval.


Our Sunless Specialists will guide you through every detail, from how to move to what to do with your hands and feet. With our help, you’ll quickly become a tanning (and tanned) pro!