Norvell has mastered the science of DHA, the skin, and the art of sunless tanning, proving itself to be a true leader in the Sunless industry. At Spray Studio, our carefully selected line of products are especially created to help the skin absorb the tan’s application, promote the development process and ensure even post-tan fading.

Venetian Sunless Mousse with Instant Bronzers

Developed from our award winning, professional VENETIAN™ Sunless Solution, this exotic, lightweight, velvety sunless mousse for home use, features a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzers. Devised to mimic skin colours found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera, this purposeful and ground-breaking formulation allows colour to appear deeper, darker, and with no signs of an unnatural orange colour.

Venetian 4 Faces with Instant Bronzers

The first place a tan typically fades is the face. Norvell has formulated a simple resolution composed of our award winning, VENETIAN™ Sunless Solution. Specially crafted for use as a touch-up or between tans, VENETIAN™ 4-FACES contains a blend of instant and long lasting bronzers comprised of violet and bronze tone hues. This unique colour combination creates a deep, natural, sun-kissed radiance.

Venetian Gradual Self Tanner and CC Cream

An exotic bronze with more benefits than ever before! This daily lotion showcases Norvell’s award winning bronze and violet tones, along with skincare benefits of a CC cream. A rich moisturiser, that now brightens and firms the skin, VENETIAN™ SUNLESS COLOUR EXTENDER is formulated with an effective amount of DHA that gradually develops sunless colour intensity over multiple applications to build or extend a tan. (Available in two sizes).

Venetian Maintenance System

Norvell’s Self-Tanning VENETIAN MAINTENANCE SYSTEM is an all-inclusive selection of products that incorporates the core four categories of sunless care - Prime, Bronze, Optimize and Enhance. Thoughtfully combined to build a TSA sized travel set, this system is the culmination of top selling products - including our acclaimed violet and brown hued Venetian formula - that work synergistically to keep colour impeccable.

Kit includes:

pH Balancing Sunless Cleanser (2.5 oz); Renewing Sunless Exfoliator (2.5 oz); Venetian Sunless Color Extender (2.5 oz); Venetian 4-Faces (2 oz); Exmitt (1 piece).


Give yourself a hand! Applying flawless colour every time has never been so easy with this reusable sunless applicator mitt.


The EXMITT is a convenient, fuss-free way to gently exfoliate the skin and balance pH levels prior to a sunless tan application. The elimination of dead skin cells along with the boost of amino acid levels, allows clients to maximize colour results.


Whether accentuating the hottest tan in town or enhancing a hairstyle, this adds a little glitz and glam to every day.


This refreshing post-sunless spray boosts moisture levels and sunless tanning results.